Agency Finance

The Administration finance team are responsible for the following.

    • All Agency finance in relation to administration income and expenditure (administration expenditure is the expenditure required to operate the Agency and includes staff costs as well as rent and rates).

    • Charging pension providers and clients for providing information that is outwith normal business requirements, raise invoices for income due to the Agency and ensure that the income is received on time, properly allocated, and debts are properly managed.

    • Providing secretarial support to both the Agency Management Board and Audit Committee and report to these sub-committees in meeting with corporate governance objectives.  This includes providing monthly and quarterly reports to Management and forecasting income and expenditure for the year.

    • Liaising with the Scottish Government Finance Teams in respect of monitoring exercises and providing information for budgeting exercises and exercises such as the Spending Review.

    • Monitoring the key targets of the Agency and pulling together the Corporate Plan each year.

    • Updating the Agency Framework Document.

    • Ensuring that the Agency Annual Reports and Accounts are completed and laid in front of the Scottish Parliament within the statutory timescales.

    • The Agency reports annually on its performance and this includes details of the accounts of the two main schemes we administer - Teachers and NHS.

    •  Assisting in the production of the Scottish Parliament Pension Scheme Accounts.

SPPA adheres to a Whistleblowing Policy and a Bribery Policy to alert of instances of wrong doing.

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