Teachers Consultations 2008

Consultation on the Teachers' Superannuation (Additional Voluntary Contributions)(Scotland) Regulations 2009

Consultation period 18th June 2008 - 10th October 2008

Consultation letter, draft SSI, Table of Derivations and Table of Destinations on the Teachers' Superannuations (Additional Voluntary Contributions) (Scotland) Regulations 2009 were issued on 18th June 2008.  These Regulations consolidate the Teachers' Superannuation (Additional Voluntary Contributions) (Scotland) Regulations 1995, which have been amended substantially since that date.  They make minor and drafting alterations only and do not make any changes of substance.  The consultation period ended on Friday, 10th October 2008.

Consultation letter

Draft Regulations

Table of Derivations

Table of Destinations


Consultation on The Teachers' Superannuation(Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2008.

Consultation period 5th March - 2nd April 2008

A consultation letter, draft SSI and commentary on the Teachers' Superannuation (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2008 was issued on 5th March 2008. The consultation period ended on 2nd April 2008.

Consultation letter

Commentary  (Annex A)

Draft Regulations (Annex B)


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