Injury Benefits

Injury Allowance: From 31st March 2013

For injuries or diseases arising on or after 31st March 2013, NHS employers will pay eligible employees Injury Allowance (IA), under their contractual terms and conditions.  The criteria for awarding IA and the level of that allowance, is similar to the Temporary Injury Benefits payable under the NHS Injury Benefit provisions.  IA is limited to the period of the employment contract and a maximum payment period of 12 months for each relevant injury or disease.

Please contact your NHS employer (HR department) for further information on how to claim IA.

Injury Benefits: Before 31st March 2013

You may be eligible to apply for NHS Injury benefits if you are injured or contract a disease on or before 30th March 2013, which is wholly or mainly attributable to the duties of your NHS employment.
A separate Injury Benefits Scheme (not part of the superannuation scheme) administered by SPPA, covers almost all NHS employees whether superannuation scheme members or not. If you are injured or you contract a disease in the course of your work on or before 30th March 2013, which is not attributable to your own negligence or misconduct, you may be entitled to receive injury benefits. You, or your dependants, may receive payment if:

    • you are temporarily absent from work on reduced or no pay because of the injury. A temporary allowance to top up your total income (including certain Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits) to 85% of average pay will be payable;
    • you die as a result of the injury or disease.  To be eligible to apply for widow/widower benefits, the applicant must have been married to the deceased both at the time NHS employment ended and at the time of death.  Death benefits are available for employees (leaving a spouse and/or dependants) who die as a result of a work related injury or disease that occurred on or before 30 March 2013, which is wholly or mainly attributable to their NHS duties, or if later in life, their death is hastened by a disease which is wholly or mainly attributable to their NHS duties.
    • In calculating any injury benefits, other sources of income will be taken into account. These include any pension under the NHS scheme, certain personal pensions, relevant DWP benefits and any damages or compensation paid in respect of the injury or disease. Any damages or compensation for the injury may affect your benefits and any injury benefits paid to you may have to be recovered.  If you claim damages, you should discuss the matter with your legal adviser. When a claim for damages is settled, you must let the SPPA know immediately.

All benefits paid under the Injury Benefits Scheme are index-linked.  Injury Benefits paid by SPPA payroll are recharged to the relevant NHS Employer.

A Factsheet which provides more information about the operation of the Injury Benefits Scheme is available here.


Continuing access to the NHS Injury Benefits Scheme

Before completing INJ form to apply for NHS Injury Benefits from SPPA, please check below to ensure you are eligible:

    • Access to the NHS Injury Benefits Scheme closes on 31st March 2038.  No new injury benefit applications will be accepted by SPPA on or after this date.
    • Injury benefit applications received by 30th March 2018 only, for an injury or disease occurring on or before 30th March 2013 will be processed.
    • Injury benefit applications received by 30th March 2038 only, will be processed for applicants who can provide evidence there has been a delayed onset of their symptoms, such that an application was not previously necessary before 30th March 2018.

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