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Ill Health Retirement (IHR): Being awarded a pension due to being too ill to continue to work.

Independent Public Service Pensions Commission: An independent commission undertaking a fundamental structural review of public service pension provision by Budget 2011.

Indexation Factor: See Revaluation Factor.

Injury Benefits Scheme: A scheme that pays you money if you are injured or become ill as a result of your work.


Lifetime Allowance (LTA): The amount up to which an individual's aggregated pension saving can benefit from tax relief, without incurring a LTA Charge (LTAC).

Lifetime Allowance Charge (LTAC): A tax charge made on funds that exceed your LTA.  The charge is 55% if the excess funds are taken as a cash lump sum and 25% if the excess funds are used to provide pension income benefits.

Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS): This is a funded, defined benefit, statutory occupational pension scheme and it is one of the main public service pension schemes in Scotland. 


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