Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme

SPPA administers the Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme (STSS) on behalf of Scottish Ministers and are also responsible for scheme regulations. SPPA is responsible for all administrative tasks carried out in respect of current and past (deferred) members and STSS pensioners.

You can find the current STSS rules in the Regulations section of this site. Our Policy Branch are responsible for updating these regulations in line with the policies determined by the Scottish Parliament and the UK Government.

The scheme is statutory and guaranteed by law, providing pensions and life assurance for those employed as teachers in Scotland. If you change employer and work in a different part of the UK, you may wish to transfer your pension rights to maintain a continuous pension record.

These pages are designed to provide as much information as possible, whether you are a current member, deferred member, a pensioner receiving benefits from the scheme, or an employer.

Please note that Teacher's Awards are currently working on a high volume of summer retirement applications, with priority being given to processing and paying pension benefits.

To assist us with this can we please request that you follow our guidance if you have any enquiries:

    • If you require an Annual Benefit Statement you can access this through our online service.
    • If you require an estimate for a 2014 summer retirement, we are unable to provide these as our business priority is the processing and payment of the summer retiral applications.  You can however run your own estimate on our online service, where you will have access to our online benefit calculator.
    • If your enquiry falls out with the above categories, then please contact us in writing or by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it quoting your superannuation number. 


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