Registration guidance

My Pension Logo1.  Your SPPA Reference Number

NHS members – This is usually shown with the letters SB in front of the 7 digit number.  The first 2 digits should be the year you were born e.g. 68 if you were born in 1968, followed by a further 5 digits.  Please only include the numbers and do not try to input the letters SB.  This should be shown on your payslip and will also be included on any previous correspondence you have received from SPPA.

STSS members – This is your General Teaching Council (GTC) Registration number. It usually begins with the year you graduated e.g. if you graduated in 1987 it will begin with 87 followed by a further 4 digits.  It may be shown with the letter T in front of the 6 digit number but please do not try to input the letter T.  This should be shown on your payslip and will also be included on any previous correspondence you have received from SPPA.

Pensioners - Online Services are now available for pensioner members of the Scottish Teachers and National Health services superannuation schemes. You should use your pension payroll reference number to register. This is a 6 digit number which you can find on your pension award letter, P60 or pension payslip which you have received form SPPA. 

2.  Surname

Enter this the way you usually spell your surname and any punctuation marks e.g. O'Connell or multiple or double barrelled names e.g. Van Der Han or Simpson-Latte

3.  National Insurance Number – NI Number

This is usually in the following format:

2 letters followed by 6 digits followed by 1 letter which will be A, B, C or D

For example  YB123456A    

"My Pension – Online Member Services" will only match the first 8 characters so don't worry if you don't know the final letter i.e.  A, B, C, D.

This is usually shown on your payslip and can be obtained from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).


4.  Date of Birth

Enter your date of birth as  DD/MM/YYYY

Helpful Information about your Username And Passwords


    • Please note your username is your email address.
    • This can be your personal, home or work email address but it must be entered in the same format using any capital letters. 
    • You cannot use the same email address as another member i.e. if more than one member share the same email address you will need to use two different email addresses.


When selecting a password it is important that the password is 'strong' (i.e. random, and difficult to guess).  This is to make sure that no-one else can access your "My Pension - Online Member Services" information.

For security, passwords should be at least eight (8) characters in length and must include a mix of the following characters:-

    • At least one (1) upper-case letters for example - A, B, C
    • lower-case letters for example -  a, b, c
    • at least one (1) special character i.e. a 'special character' is one of these: ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ' { | } ~

An example could be   My%pension

Your password should be as random as possible, and should not contain recognisable words or more than two consecutive identical characters.

You should be careful with your choice and use of passwords:computer mouse

    • make sure that your personal passwords are secret to you;
    • keep personal passwords confidential;
    • never write passwords down.


My Pension Online Member Services will operate in Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or later, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Link to: My Pension Login

Link to: My Pension Registration

Registering for the 1st time? 

You will need your:

  • email address,
  • National Insurance number, and
  • Superannuation / GTC or Pension Payroll reference number (input numbers only – max 7).

You can find this information on previous correspondence, your payslip or pension payment advice note.

Link to Scottish Government Website