Local Government Pension Scheme Advisory Board

The purpose of the Local Government Pension Scheme (Scotland) Advisory Board is to provide advice to the Responsible Authority, at the Responsible Authority's request, on the desirability of changes to scheme design and the implication of other policy issues.

Membership of the board will consist of;

    • 7 Member representatives
    • 7 Employer representatives

Other attendees (but not members);

    • Scottish Government officials
    • Employer and member officials as required.

Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme Advisory Board

Chair:                                  William McGonigle
Vice chair:                Councillor Alasdair Rankin
Joint-secretariat: Jonathan Sharma (employer side)
                               Hayley Wotherspoon (employer side)  
  Dave Watson (member side)


Tony Dowling Member (representing scheme member interests)
William McGonigle Member (representing scheme member interests)
Stephen Smellie Member (representing scheme member interests)
Brian Gallagher Member (representing scheme member interests)
Frank Gray Member (representing scheme member interests)
Dave Watson Member (representing scheme member interests)
Councillor John Mitchell Member (representing scheme employer interests)
Councillor Ian McAlpine Member (representing scheme employer interests)
Councillor Alasdair Rankin     Member (representing scheme employer interests)
Councillor Jim Goodfellow Member (representing scheme employer interests)
Brian Strathie Member (representing scheme employer interests)
Councillor Stewart Cree Member (representing scheme employer interests)
Davena Rankin UNISON named substitue (representing scheme member interests)


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