Pension estimates and annual statements

UK Pensions legislation requires that administrators of occupational pension schemes must disclose pension details to individual members. This can be provided automatically or on request, but no more than once in a 12 month period.SPPA provide annual statements to active members via the My Pension- online member service. This service can be used to view and print annual statements or to use the online calculators to estimate pension and lump sum options.

An Annual Benefit Statement can be provided on request, for members who do not have access to the online member service.

In addition, SPPA will provide pension estimates on request, for members who are within a year of their normal pension age.

Estimates and annual statements will normally show figures for benefits accrued up to a current date or to the end of the last financial year and will be based on salary details supplied by employing authorities.

Members or their representatives, have the option of requesting additional estimates covering scenarios of their choice, however, this will incur an administration charge.

For data protection purposes, any requests for pension estimates must be made in writing (or e-mail) and include member identity details, home address and details of the information required.

Please note that every effort is made to ensure pension estimates are accurate but members should be aware that they are estimated figures only. Exact figures for retirement benefits cannot be given until such time as final pay and service details are known and an application for retirement benefits has been made in accordance with the scheme rules.


Early Payment due to ill health

If you are under Normal Pension Age (NPA) and have to retire through ill-health, you can apply for Ill-Health benefits. Applications should only be submitted after all other avenues such as redeployment have been exhausted. You must provide medical evidence that your illness permanently prevents you from teaching and carrying out any work impaired by more than 90% and likely permanently to be so. Ill-Health benefits for deferred members will be paid at the Partial Incapacity Benefits (PIB) level.

If you are not in pensionable employment and you are not on sick leave or parental leave, only PIB can be granted if you apply for Ill-Health Retirement (IHR).  Your service will not be enhanced but you must meet the criteria for TIB

Partial Incapacity Benefits would be granted if you are assessed as being permanently unable to teach but can undertake other employment. Members who qualify for PIB will receive a lower level of benefits consisting of service accrued to date of  retirement with no enhancement. 

Total Incapacity Benefits would be granted if, as well as being permanently unable to teach, you are assessed as having your ability to carry out any work impaired by more than 90% and likely permanently to be so.  The total amount of enhancement you may receive if you are awarded TIB is half the service you could have completed before NPA.

STSS Active Member


Membership of the scheme is an important and valuable staff benefit for people who are in the teaching profession.  As a scheme member, you get an excellent package of pension benefits, index linked and guaranteed by the Government.

As an active member of the scheme there are many options open to you regarding your benefits.  You can purchase additional pension benefits, provide additional cover for your dependants and also transfer in benefits from any previous registered pension schemes.

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